Pool Cleaning Services

Clean PoolWhen the dirt and grim is building up around and in your pool, then it is probably time to schedule a thorough cleaning by Sansom Pressure Cleaning & Pool Services. In south Florida, algae often starts to grow around pool surfaces with bugs and leaves finding their way into all the nooks of your pool. Sansom Pressure Cleaning & Pool Services can get rid of the grime and unwanted visitors with regular pool service. We serve many areas in and around Lake Worth, Florida.

Bring Back your Pool

A clean pool is a great way to exercise and relax with family and friends. Enjoying your pool will naturally result in a build up of dirt, mold and other nuisances over time. Bring back the beauty of your pool from when you first had it installed with regular cleaning by the experts at Sansom Pressure Cleaning & Pool Services.

We Use a Variety of Methods

Every pool is a little different and requires various methods to keep it properly cleaned. Call Sansom Pressure Cleaning & Pool Services at (561) 967-9912 so we can visit and provide our professional opinion on how to best keep your pool fresh and clean.

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